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Leonid Katsnelson was born in Kiev, Ukraine and brought up with an acute sense of artistic beauty and style in European tradition. He attanded the Ukrainian Printing Art Academy with a where he earned his Masters Degree in Fine Art. Unlike many of his contemporaries, who were threatened by the diminishing public interest in art, Leonid Katsnelson remained in the profession throughout the years and successfully cooperated with the leading publishing companies of the former Soviet Union. He prepared and published more than 200 books of poetry, prose, and literature for children. His works evoked high interest in various social circles and earned him a reputation of a true master of his trade. Leonid Katsnelson is considered by many to be an artist of perfect balance between traditional artistic ethics and avant-garde, combining classical forms and modern tendencies. His works are graceful and full of harmony, demonstrating a deep understanding of art in all its forms. He is a true professional and lover of beauty, with a sense of accordance and a real appreciation for style. 
As of today, Leonid Katsnelson participated in national and international exhibitions of books, graphics and drawings, and was recognized by several high honors awards. His works were presented in private collections in USA and many countries, including Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Poland, Israel, Canada, Japan, Finland, etc., earning him the love and respect of fans and patrons all over the world. The artist remains faithful to his principles and creates his pieces with the dedication and ardor of a prime mover. 


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